Planning for Disaster

In a startup environment, hustle is everything. For many small businesses, day to day activities feel like nonstop crisis management. Anyone who’s dealt directly with customers knows that everything is urgent and should have been […]

Secure Communication


Many times a business will need to communicate in a safe way with a client. This could be individuals between companies exchanging sensitive data, or a customer sending their information to your team. Working in […]

Planning for Business Growth in IT

Growing businesses have unique challenges facing them that larger enterprises have already conquered. Oftentimes problems faced by growing businesses are made more difficult by the stresses put on the IT department. Developing and sticking to […]

Five Free Tools for Organizing Your Life

Like many working with small and growing businesses, I often find myself adding to my “To Do” list much faster than I can strike items off. An essential part of keeping on top of everything […]

Three Free Tools to Keep Your Computer Running Fast

Unboxing and setting up a brand new computer is a wonderful experience. Everything is quick and smooth and polished. Keeping the machine in good working order will help keep this experience around longer, and avoid […]

Communication during Software Development

When working with a team of software developers, it’s important to have a good system of communication set up between clients and programmers. Oftentimes in larger projects there will be a dedicated liaison between the […]